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One of Trade Marketing’s most important goals is to monitor the progress of executions, especially at the Point of Purchase (POP). The department needs measurements and real follow-up of what happens in the field, either through auditing sampling or promoter reporting.

POP execution app
POP execution app

One way to gather this information is to make an app available in the field. Our platform is ready to connect with any tool on the market today, but we also designed a complete app for our customers, so they can check, in real time, the team in the field.

Our app was created for the entire company team, working with merchandising or not, as well as any stakeholder involved with the brand.

This enables you to use your sales structure, outsourced companies to capture information, or even final customers participating in campaigns. All this without an exorbitant cost per user.

Trade Marketing Force platform’s unique feature is that all the items captured by the app can become incentive campaign indicators anytime. To do so, it uses any necessary information and different calculations to compose the campaign strategy.

The standard features of the system already enables the possibility of following the pillars of Trade Marketing, allowing you to make quick decisions with field actions. They are:


This feature sets the start of the operation. It identifies through geo positioning where the user is and allows the activities performed to be tracked. You can know everything that was done from the moment of the check-in, until the end of the work, when the user checks out.

Price collection

One of the essential informations an industry must know is the price of its product on the shelf. With the volume of people and companies in the market, there is a risk of losing sales per pennies when the customer buys the competing product for a very small price difference. We offer a simple collection system that can be used by all of the company. There’s no need to know the name of the product or SKU, just read the bar code and send the value.


A missing product on the shelf is a guaranteed loss of sale. Knowing that this can be happening in real time, the sales team can prevent it and solve the problem. With only a few clicks the user in the field is able to indicate that there´s need for more products.


Do you know what your market space really is? The fight over space in the shelves is great and the volume of products each day is bigger. Measuring and tracking the exposure of items is something that helps the understanding of the ROI. In the same way, it is efficient to understand the segments sizes. Knowing your actual share allows you to conduct trade activities to improve this KPI.

Promotional point

Conquering spaces beyond the shelf or standard selling points is very efficient in sales. It creates other spots of contact, besides allowing the “cross”, the consumption of one product associated to another. The tomato sauce next to the pizza disc, for example. Mapping and understanding these points is very important. This module not only identifies promotional points, but can also guarantee the execution of deals made with retailers.

POP material

Our tool already allows you to manage all POP material request through the Budget Manager module. But it is no use having the right material, in the right place, at the right time, if it is it not correctly displayed. We can monitor how the material is being used and guarantee a perfect execution..

POP execution

This module is flexible and helps the client with appropriate questions from his business, especially with items that sets him apart from others. It also allows the development of specific reports. We customize your questionnaire simply and quickly.

Shelf life

Expired items on the shelf are an obvious loss of sale but can also be seen as lack of care, which generates a negative image of the brand. Having a mobile tool to warn the team that the products are about to expire can make a significant difference and improve the category’s profitability.


Identifying and acting are frequent terms in Guerrilla Marketing, but only with real time information it is possible to face the competitors. The team involved can be very large, so any warning is good and possible. Our tool allows several alerts like monitoring and measuring all kinds of actions by the competition.

All the developed apps are customized for the client’s layout, giving an identity to the execution.