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Communication is the key to the success of Trade Marketing. Today, this is one of the biggest concerns in companies. There are several areas of contact and communication for promoters is different from that of salespeople. Reaching a balance is a major complication sometimes.

Today, in most companies there is no single place where all the Trade team involved can communicate. Which company has no problem answering these questions?

  1. Are those involved in the process informed of all product launches and its details? Is there any control over the information that gets to the field team? Does it have any updated information base for consultation?
  2. How much are you spending annually printing advertising material?
  3. Is the registration database used by the Marketing centralized? Does everyone involved with the Trade Marketing have access to the gathered data?
  4. Is there any database of generic information, such as T-shirt or shoe size, among other important information, to design a Trade project cost?

There are several practices that are not effective: e-mail marketing, WhatsApp, personal e-mails and links, for example. To solve this problem, our platform, in its BASIC license already, allows the construction of customized, segmented and regionalized content for communication. This enables your portal to be the only source of all necessary information associated with the trade team’s everyday activities, thus allowing:

  • When requesting a material, contact with the company’s news;
  • When creating an action, the possibility to download the updated image;
  • Getting points in an eventual incentive campaign for having access to the portal or specific content;
  • Having a single point for the dissemination of important notes such as: orientations to the team (the customer base, in special), communications and commercial policies.

Platform strengths

With a communication platform, you avoid:

  • Loss of credibility with the customer. Divergent information from multiple sources, without an official version, may result in the loss of a sale opportunity.
  • Not knowing the cost of hours lost answering e-mails or solving repetitive situations like image requests, for example. Not to mention recurring turnovers.
  • Situations of “e-mail blindness”, in which e-mails repeat themselves so much that people do not read. This ends up affecting the monthly goals and generating unnecessary operation costs.

Through research based on usability, we developed the theme using blocks, so that it is responsive and accessible in any device.