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To understand your company’s need to manage processes, simply answer the following questions:

Internal processes run all with e-mails and Excel sheets. What happens when a person is on vacation?

Is there any control of approval and auditing of these processes?

Have you ever had a financial loss by wrongly paid, poorly executed or unrated actions?

Process management studied and learned through the concepts of BPM (Business Process Management) is in fact a good practice to manage in an organized and structured way. Unfortunately, many companies implementing these processes are not able to keep up with Trade Marketing´s speed and dynamics due to its constant innovation. Many processes end up not being mapped and customizations are not made according to the company structure.

Our platform allows these specific trade management processes configuration, so that they can be mapped and quantified, always seeking the ROI of the performed activities. We are able to map and set a new process in a fast and practical way, allowing each day a better control of the activities.

A common example: Imagine a store façade payment execution process, or an event sponsorship. Both cases require approval workflows, as well as planning and execution phases and, maybe, budget control. And also, On Trade actions where materials and products or training are required. Our platform can organize all these processes!

Managing Trade processes you have immediate gains:

  • Process and auditing guarantee;
  • Decrease in e-mail volume;
  • Possibility of auditing to define responsibilities;
  • Understanding field executions and measurement, allowing a better
    strategic Trade Marketing action;
  • Traceability and decrease in operational costs of process control.

This module is associated with an advisory sale. We understand your need and difficulties so that we can make the process as flexible as possible, with partial process deliveries if necessary.