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One of the Trade Marketing Force´s main goals are to give the trade team operational control to manage costs and ability to monitor activities being carried out. So we did not develop a store but a whole shopping center within our tool.

The objective is to offer the management of any and all redeemable material.

This ranges from a box of wobblers to be used as point of sale material, or gifts for holding campaigns on a client.

Each store of the trade manager can have its own workflow and associated people. Do you want to offer your salesman the possibility to map an action with the customer and also to buy the gifts and posters of this action? It is possible! Through our manager, we can allow each store to go to their supplier and have them run the material. Your salesman has only to wait for the materials to get ready.

With our tool, we can include any supplier in the system and train him. Most importantly, the data for all transactions are always in your power. This allows you to collect information about which gifts are most used, for example. It also lets you know how many merchandising materials were requested and where they were used.

All this information can be used to measure the value of the Trade Marketing investment, allowing a better data and ROI analysis.