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One of the great difficulties for companies is to manage Trade Marketing's budget. In many cases, they have only a single cost center within their ERP systems. This does not allow sharing of costs and/or sharing them with other company structures.

Trade Marketing Force has been specifically designed for this. We managed to dilute your budget, giving your sales, promoters and marketing teams, action power.

But before you manage the budget, you need to plan. This is one of the factors of low effectiveness in trade actions in several companies. Many simply do not have planning, others, lack auditing and approval (related structures such as managers and/or trades).

It is important for every investment made to be aligned with the company's planning. But if you do not know what to do, how will you ensure this process? Our platform offers simple tools that allows, through reliable managers, to understand for what kind of action the investment is being used. Was it a Sell out work? A relationship meeting? Something in the Point of Purchase? This facility can bring more efficiency to your team.


Auditing is another major problem. With an approved budget at hand, a powerful and reliable tool is needed to make the process auditable and proven. This allows you, at any time, to be assured that the process was approved and guaranteed within the budget.

Essentially, with the Trade Marketing Force budget module you can:

  1. Strategically plan the trade budget, directing the values to regions and segments according to the company’s interest;
  2. Allow the team’s field planning so that it knows what trade activities will be carried out;
  3. “Inject” values in specific areas to combat competition and/or punctual actions;
  4. Dilute money in structures such as Sales and Merchandising;
  5. Systematically monitor executions;
  6. Map all activities;
  7. Develop customized workflows to approve actions according to the company’s needs..