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Because Trade Marketing Force works with a large amount of information, it has the necessary infrastructure to receive customized and/or categorized data that can be used by KPI managers.

In this way, it is possible to integrate our tool with other BIs and ERPs of the market, such as SAP, Neogrid, Accera and TOTVs, among others. This allows your trade action to have an effective ROI according to the data received.

As much as you have a product or service and your focus is to sell them to retailers, whoever will actually buy and consume them is the customer. Therefore, knowing how to work well the sell in and the sell out is essential for sales to succeed.

Sometimes it is a bit difficult to explain to the salesman, always focused on closing a deal with a new customer and hitting his goal. However, he needs to keep in mind the needs of both clients.

It is important to explain what are the advantages and benefits that a product or service can offer. At the same time, the way the final customer will use it can´t be forgotten.This is the finish line of any sale process.

To clarify the two concepts, check out the explanation of each one below.

Sell in: the sale made to the retailer

The sell in is the sale to the one who will make the products or services available to the final consumers. In order for it to occur, the buyer needs to understand all its characteristics very well: packaging, price and handling. In addition, also all the advantages that the product will bring to the POP (point of purchase).

Sell out: the sale made to the final customer

In order for the sale to take place, it is not enough to make it available. It is necessary, above all, to offer it properly. For this, this time, the final customer is the one who should see the advantages of the product or service when it consumes it.

To implement the actions and better expose your products at the POP, it is necessary to think about what the customer would like to receive in the first place. Maybe a "take 3, pay 2" type of promotion works. Another option can be a unique experience that brings you good moments and memories associated with the brand.

Summing up, the good salesman has a double challenge: to convince his client (the retailer) to buy and also to show how he can do the same thing with his own client (the final customer). The objective must be well aligned between the two, so that the measurement of sell out actions presents significant results.